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Umbrella Insurance in Ohio

Umbrella insurance is extra liability coverage that protects your assets by giving you coverage beyond the limits of your current policies. It is protection against major liability claims. Twinsburg, Ohio umbrella insurance agents at Quest Financial and Insurance Services, can help you determine if you need such a policy, and what type is best for your situation.

As independent insurance agents, they can help you find the best umbrella policy.

Umbrella insurance is peace of mind insurance, and it is something you hope you will never need. However, it can protect your entire life savings if you do happen to have a major claim.

If you are involved in an automobile accident, for instance, and you had 300,000 liability coverage, in most cases, you would be fine. There are rare cases where there is a major accident, and your liability could go into the millions, well above your insurance limit. If you had an umbrella policy, you would be protected in that scenario.

The same would be true if someone was injured on your property, and sued you, and won damages in the millions. Your homeowner's policy might cover a lot of it, but it has its limits.

An umbrella policy is for people with a lot of assets, or for people nearing retirement. If you were near retirement and had a major claim against you, your retirement savings could be wiped out in a single lawsuit.

Visit or call Quest Financial and Insurance services to find out more about umbrella insurance, and all your insurance needs. These independent insurance agents can help you find the policy that fits you best. In general insurance, experts say if your assets are more than $100,000 it is perhaps a good idea to get this type of coverage. You may also visit them online to get an instant quote.

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