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Flood Insurance in Ohio

In the United States, floods account for the majority of domestic disasters. And there are few disasters that are as costly as flooding regarding property damage, personal danger, and rebuilding costs.

In Ohio, as in most other states, flooding is such a serious and expensive problem that independent insurance agents offer flood insurance as a separate premium to standard homeowners and renters insurance. Tempting as it may be to avoid this additional investment, keep in mind more than 20 percent of flood damage claims in Ohio come from moderate-to-low-risk areas according to WeatherSafety.Ohio.gov.

Flood insurance: what you need to know

As stated, flood insurance is not standard with homeowners or renters insurance. Twinsburg, Ohio flood insurance agents are unable to help unfortunate homeowners who have suffered flood damage. About 280,000 structures are located in Ohio's floodplain, and only about 10 percent of them are insured against flooding according to FEMA.

Don't leave your home unprotected! Structure damage from flooding can be extensive, and it is often necessary to completely rebuild flood-damaged homes. Independent insurance agents like those at Quest Financial and Insurance Services can lead you through the process of getting protected.

Having an insurance policy in place can help mitigate the cost of repair or rebuilding. Insurance usually covers your house and foundation, utility systems, electric appliances inside the building, flooring, walls, furniture and much more. The money you can save by simply taking out a flood insurance policy more than justifies the investment.

Quest Financial and Insurance Services

Our team of Twinsburg, Ohio flood insurance agents have a history and a passion for taking care of their clients. As independent insurance agents, we work to find the best policy for your home and family. No renter or home owner should have to deal with the catastrophic damage of flood disasters alone. We are here to help.

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