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Business Insurance in Ohio

Commercial insurance in Ohio is necessary for a business to be protected in the event something occurs. It protects the businesses' owners from a lawsuit that bankrupts the company. Often, even if certain types aren't required, it's better to add it to the policy by one of the Twinsburg, Ohio commercial insurance agents. Options for commercial policies include property, equipment and worker's compensation, just to name a few.

1. Property Insurance

If the property is damaged, property insurance helps to repair or replace it. When the property of the business goes missing or is stolen, property insurance coverage may cover the expenses. Additionally, coverage may be added to the property coverage to cover issues not listed on a standard policy such as machinery insurance that protects in the event a boiler or other piece of equipment breaks down or is damaged. Debris removal and glass insurance are options as well.

2. Liability Insurance

Liability insurance provides for third parties that are injured as a result of the business or one of its employees. This covers in the event of personal injuries or property damage during a lawsuit. This particular type of coverage covers the costs of defending and resolving the suit. General liability insurance includes when a customer gets hurt on the premises. It's possible to tack on additional insurance to a liability policy.

3. Errors and Omission

Errors and omission insurance, known as E & O, protects a business in case an inadvertent mistake occurs. Failures that result in an injury to a third party classify under this insurance. Accidents that stem from poor judgment or are intentional aren't covered.

4. Worker's Compensation

Insurance Worker's compensation insurance covers if an employee gets hurt on the job. It's a requirement by state, but the level varies from state to state, so a business must discuss with independent insurance agents the level required and what can be added to your coverage. Often, this covers the business of a lawsuit arises.

To learn about what commercial insurance policies and what's best for your business, contact Quest Financial and Insurance Services at 855-857-9500.

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