Should an Addition to the Family Equal An Addition to Your Home Insurance Protection?

There has been an addition – how does it affect my insurance policy? If you came into our offices located at 10574 Ravenna Rd, 3rd floor Twinsburg, OH 44087 and asked that question, the first thing one of our agents at Quest Financial and Insurance Services would ask is

"What Exactly Do You Mean by an Addition?"   

In addition to the family may mean a structural addition to the family home.  By all means come into our office and discuss the addition. Structural additions to your home or any major renovation is a great time to review your home insurance policy to make certain that there are provisions for any liabilities that may occur in the process. A new pool for example brings a myriad of home insurance concerns and new responsibilities for the homeowner.  

If the addition to the family is a new person or a family pet – yes again – come in and speak with your agent. There may be specific details that would mean you have to increase coverage. In the event that coverage does not need to be increased it’s important to review the policy to make certain that there are no areas of vulnerability.

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