Protecting a Garage With Home Insurance

Residents of Twinsburg, OH with detached garages may be worried about what will happen if something happens to this structure. Thankfully, we at Quest Financial and Insurance Services can provide you with home insurance policies to protect this item from destruction.

Other Structure Coverage Protects Garages

A typical home insurance policy contains what is known was “other structure” coverage. This option can be removed from a policy but shouldn’t be for those who have a detached garage. This coverage option is what helps to protect structures on a property that aren’t attached to a home, like a garage, storage shed, or pole barn.

Some individuals may want to remove this type of insurance from their policy simply because they don’t have any detached structures on their property. However, those with this policy type extend their coverage from their home and over to these structures, thereby protecting them from a multitude of serious issues.

What Damage It Covers

Other structure coverage will protect your detached garage or storage sheds from whatever perils that your home insurance covers. For example, if you have a policy that includes protection from severe fires in your home, other structure insurance will keep your garage safe.

Other types of coverage you can anticipate include protection from vandalism, theft, falling objects, and other types of unexpected issues. However, don’t anticipate coverage for winter damage or wear-and-tear issues because these are considered preventable by the homeowner.

Find Coverage That You Can Afford

So if you live in Twinsburg, OH and have a detached garage that you to be protected with your home insurance policy, please contact us at Quest Financial and Insurance Services to learn more about how you can set up a policy to meet your needs at a price that you can afford.