Insuring Your Teen: What You Need To Know

Between college visits and high school sports, your Twinsburg, OH teen has plenty on their mind. As a parent, you’re probably looking forward to your teen being able to drive themselves to all of their activities, but you may be nervous about paying for their car insurance. At Quest Financial and Insurance Services, serving Twinsburg OH, we know that there’s a lot on your mind when it comes to your teen getting behind the wheel. To ease your worries, be sure that your teen is fully and properly insured, just in case the unexpected happens. When it comes to insuring your teen, here’s what you need to know. 

– It’s almost always cheaper to add your teen to your policy rather than purchasing a new policy for them. 

– Talk to your insurance agent about discounts available for your teen driver. Many auto insurance agencies offer discounts for teens who have successfully completed safe driving courses. This may even include their standard driver’s ed class. 

– Send your teen to driving school. Getting practical, hands-on experience is key to helping them learn the rules of the road. Your teen may be more receptive to tips from a certified driving professional, rather than mom or dad. 

– Emphasize safe driving. Talk to your teen about the rules of the road. Be clear about your expectations, and enforce consequences when your teen gets a speeding ticket or comes home after curfew. 

Whether you have one teen or multiple, Quest Financial and Insurance Services is here to help you insure your teen. Call office serving Twinsburg, OH today to talk about setting up an insurance plan for your family. 

The Best Road Trips In Ohio

If you don’t think there’s anywhere fun to go in Ohio, you’ve never been here. Folks from Twinsburg, OH have easy access to one of the best states in the nation for amazing road trips. Just get a solid policy from Quest Financial and Insurance Services, pack the car up with snacks and water, and you’re good to go. 

Put In Bay

You might think you need to drive to Florida or California to really take in a great beach experience and get some top notch seafood. Well, Put In Bay offers a coastal beach town experience right here in Ohio. This is a great place to visit whether you have a weekend to stay or just an afternoon. Rent a boat and take a trip around Lake Erie, stroll down the Boardwalk, or take a golf cart tram tour around the island to take it all in.

Hocking Hills State Park

Whether you want a laid back weekend in the country or a rugged outdoorsy experience, Hocking Hills State Park is simply incredible. You can rent a kayak to take out on the lake, stay in a beautiful cabin, go cave-diving at Ash Cave, or just go for a walk and check out Cedar Falls. Take a zip line, go camping, or go hiking. If you love the great outdoors, there’s more to do here than you’ll fit into a lifetime.


Sandusky is our number one recommendation. If you’ve got kids to keep entertained, head to Cedar Point. It is the roller coaster capital of the world and be sure to check out the nearby water park, Soak City. If your kids get bored on this trip, then there’s simply no entertaining them.

Before heading out from Twinsburg, OH, make sure you’ve got your insurance in check. You never know what can happen on the road, and Quest Financial and Insurance Services can help you in finding a great policy. Call our office to speak with an agent about your auto insurance today.

Effective Ways to Protect Your Car From Theft in Twinsburg OH

Residents in the Twinsburg, OH area can talk to local agents from Quest Financial and Insurance Services about how to protect their car from theft. Auto break-ins and car theft are two of the biggest financial losses for vehicle owners. There are ways to protect your vehicle and reduce the risk of potential damage caused by a break-in. Simple precautions can save thousands of dollars in the long run.

Tips to avoid stressful car situations

Protecting your vehicle by parking in well-lit areas or in an enclosed garage are the two most common pieces of advice. It is also important to not leave valuable items in plain site. Instead of laying things on the seat or dash, place them in the glove box where the latch can be locked. Always take your wallet and keys with you when you go into a building. If you are worried about leaving the car open, roll up the windows and lock the doors. Many newer car models have an anti-theft system built in. It is a money saving feature that will definitely be an eye-opener if someone attempts to gain entry to your vehicle.

Quest Financial and Insurance Services serves residents living in the Twinsburg, OH area. Our agents have many helpful ideas on how to protect your home and vehicles from a wide variety of potential claims. Keep your car and its contents safe and secure. Taking certain precautions may even reduce your insurance premiums. Identifying potential hazards and avoiding them is the key to protecting your assets. Talk to our insurance agents to find out what ways will help you save the most money and get the best possible protection.