Is Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance Required in Ohio?

Many Ohio residents are misinformed about the state’s insurance requirements for motorcycles, and think that they do not need anything above minimal damage coverage. In fact, you will need coverage for bodily harm as well as liability and vehicle damage protection. Don’t be misled by other motorcycle owners that claim that you simply need coverage equal to the value of your bike. The best approach when you are considering purchasing a motorcycle or are looking to upgrade your current coverage in the greater Twinsburg, OH area, is to sit down with one of the professional agents at Quest Financial and Insurance Services. 

Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance is a Must

Owning a motorcycle can provide a lot of hours of enjoyment, and offers an experience like no other. What better way is there to spend a sunny afternoon exploring the area that we call home? With such experiences comes the responsibility to protect yourself, your bike and passengers, and other motorists on the road. Comprehensive motorcycle insurance provides protection for you and those around you, and allows you to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your policy provides the coverage that you need. There is a wide range of coverage options available, depending on your level of risk, and the amount of protection that you believe is appropriate for your unique situation. Working with a qualified insurance agent can help you determine the level of coverage you need and which policy best suits your needs.

Are you thinking about purchasing a motorcycle, or are you unsure if your current policy provides adequate coverage? Contact the team at Quest Financial and Insurance Services today to schedule a consultation. We are proud to work with our friends and neighbors in the greater Twinsburg, OH area!

Types of RV Insurance Coverage

A recreation vehicle, commonly known as RVs, presents one of the best ways to see the country. Like in many states in the US, auto insurance is mandatory in Ohio. Therefore, you are required to have auto insurance before you hit the road. You may or may not be required to have insurance on your RV depending on a number of factors. Usually, the liability coverage you have on your car also applies for the RV attached to the back of the vehicle.

Therefore, according to most state laws, RV insurance is optional since RVs are towed behind the vehicles and are not driven by themselves. However, it’s always a good idea to have additional coverage on your RV. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to purchasing additional RV insurance for your camper. Twinsburg, OH, Quest Financial and Insurance Services offers all types of RV insurance you need to ensure that your motorhome is adequately covered.

Coverage Options

As stated above, there are a lot of options to consider when it comes to purchasing RV insurance. The coverage is optional depending on the type of RV you are driving. However, you may be required to carry full RV insurance if you took out a loan to purchase the RV. A standard camper coverage includes comprehensive and collision coverage to cover physical damage. Insurance providers often offer specialized coverage on top of the standard set of RV policies.

Specialized RV coverage is extremely important in times of loss. If your RV policy does not include personal effects and custom equipment in your RV, an accident that results in total loss can be very expensive. There are many types of RVs. It’s hard to determine the type of coverage you need. Get in touch with experts at Quest Financial and Insurance Services in Twinsburg, OH for assistance.

What you Need to Know about Boat Insurance

When you buy a boat in Twinsburg, OH one of the many costs you face is boating insurance. Before you sink any money into a policy, talk to the experts at Quest Financial and Insurance Services. Here are some of the basic facts you’ll need to know to get started: 

Collision damage: This covers the cost to replace or repair your craft, but typically excludes wreckage clean-up.
Property damage liability: Pays for damage you cause to another craft, dock or property while operating your boat.
Bodily injury liability: Covers injuries you incur when someone else operates your boat, including medical bills, legal costs and lost income.
Comprehensive: Covers situations where your boat is stolen, vandalized or damaged other than in a collision.
Additional options cover oil spills, personal property, and roadside assistance while you transport the craft. You can also get coverage for injuries and damage caused by uninsured boaters.

Specific Boat Insurance Coverage

The specific coverage you need depends on the type of boat you have and the requirements of the lender. However, here is a listing of the more typical coverage types to consider. 

  • Specialized Coverage pays for specific items listed in the policy, such as expensive propellor or navigation system.
  • Salvage Coverage ensures the cost to move your boat when it’s been substantially damaged.
  • Consequential Damage is for loss resulting from regular wear and tear rather than a collision and includes mold, rot, and corrosion.
  • Towing to safety can cost $400 per hour, so be sure to include this if your boat frequently.
  • Cruising Extension pays for additional coverage on extended cruises outside US waters.

Talk to your agent at Quest Financial and Insurance Services in Twinsburg, OH regarding the best coverage for your boat.

Understanding How Umbrella Insurance Can Protect You and Your Family

Protecting your family from unwarranted and unwanted litigation is possible through personal umbrella insurance, a fact that many people do not know. If you are a high net worth individual, there is no reason for you to not have an umbrella insurance policy in your portfolio. The team at Quest Financial and Insurance Services in Twinsburg, OH is here to answer any of your questions relating to personal umbrella insurance and how it can help to protect your family.

How a Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy Can Protect Your Financial Interests

An umbrella policy is a sort of backstop to your primary liability insurance policy. If you or your family is involved in a lawsuit, the coverage and protection provided by your primary policy can be exhausted. If the damages brought against you are more significant than the coverage of your primary policy provides, then your secondary, or umbrella policy, can be utilized to fill the gap. This coverage can mean the difference between having necessary coverage and having to cover litigation damages out of pocket.

Liability cases can be ruinous to families that do not carry adequate coverage because they are often required to cover damages with their funds. When you have a personal umbrella policy in place, your fortune is protected up to the amount of coverage provided by both the primary and secondary policies. It is essential to review your liability coverage to ensure that you are carrying adequate protection.

Interested in learning more about the role that personal umbrella insurance can play in your overall insurance portfolio? Contact Quest Financial and Insurance Services here in Twinsburg, OH to set up an appointment to meet with one of our knowledgeable agents.

Flood Insurance: What Homeowners Need to Know

Most homeowners do not realize that their homeowner’s insurance does not cover damage from flooding until it is too late. You need a separate insurance policy. If you are in Twinsburg, OH, get the help of Quest Financial and Insurance Services to find out the amount of flood insurance you need. Water damage is not necessarily flooding damage. A flood is water that goes as far as two acres or more or affects a property other than yours.

What You Need To Know About Flood Insurance

  • Even though the coverage for property and the structure may be in the same policy, you need to purchase them separately. It pays for the cost of repairing or replacing your property and its contents that may be damaged or lost during a flooding incident. It does not offer protection for landscaping features on your property such as gardens or trees.
  • Homeowners need to know that flood insurance only covers you for damage by water from outside your house. If, for example, there is flooding in your home because of an overflowing toilet or poor plumbing, your flood insurance won’t compensate you. It does not offer protection if your swimming pool overflows.
  • Your flood insurance policy does not cover your documents, valuable metals, or money. If you have made improvements in areas underground such as your basement, your flood insurance does not cover them. It does not cover the structures or the contents there.
  • If your home gets damaged by floods and you have to seek alternative accommodation, your flood insurance does not pay for the additional living expenses. If your home serves as an office, it does not pay for business interruption.

Contact Quest Financial and Insurance Services in Twinsburg, OH to discuss your new flood insurance quote and the options available.

How Can Life Insurance Affect Your Student Loan Debt?

Most students graduate with debt, and life insurance isn’t always the first thing on their minds. At Quest Financial and Insurance Services in Twinsburg, OH, we write quotes for life insurance. Life insurance policies can help pay for student loan debt if you die before clearing it and help your loved ones with the leftover costs. This takes the burden off your spouse or parents.

Most loans discharge in the event of death, but private loans do not. It is, therefore, advisable for those with a significant amount of student loan debt to take a life insurance policy. Permanent life insurance policies are usually large, so they may be enough to cover massive debts. You should name whoever cosigned on your private student loan as a beneficiary so that they won’t have to repay your loan for you. If you have a spouse, you should name them as a beneficiary too.

The chances of a young, healthy person needing life insurance are pretty low, but it is best to be prepared. Term life insurance can be a good option if your debt isn’t that much and you are looking for an affordable option. It can replace your earned income until your family is able to cover the monthly loan repayment costs. You should choose the length and coverage of your term life insurance considering the amount of debt you have and the amount of income you need to replace it.

You should get the help of an insurance agency such as Quest Financial and Insurance Services in Twinsburg, OH, to get a comparison of the different rates and companies in your area. This will make it possible to find the most appropriate coverage and keep you from wasting your money. Getting reliable coverage will keep your policy from relapsing. Contact us for more information.

Is Home Insurance Required In Ohio?

People planning to relocate to Ohio usually ask if home insurance is required in Ohio or not. The answer is straight. Home insurance is not required in Twinsburg, OH or anywhere else around the state, but it is a smart decision to make. The truth is, when you consider the importance of home insurance, you should never buy a home without one, even if it is not mandatory.

If you are a regular working American, it is not likely that you will be able to pay for a home in Twinsburg, OH upfront. Most loan providers will not approve your home loan without home insurance. They provide up to 80 percent of the cash needed and home insurance is a way to secure their investment.

Quest Financial and Insurance Services can provide insurance that will prevent the unpredictable from causing financial havoc to your home while appeasing your lender in the process. So, it is not just an option but a necessity to protect your home from accidents, thefts, natural disasters, and other unforeseen incidents.

Imagine having your home completely raised by fire? Without insurance, you may never get over it, especially when you still have many years to pay up. You may not see the results from your insurance right away and that is why some people prefer to shy away from home insurance. The point is to be prepared when the unexpected happens. So, whether you may use it or not, home insurance is necessary and it is in your interest.

A home insurance policy will also protect you from liability incidents that may happen on your property or in your home. It can handle medical bills for injured guests and help with court fees in the event of a lawsuit. There are many uses for a home insurance policy and the agents of Quest Financial and Insurance Services in Twinsburg, OH can help.

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What is Errors and Omissions Commercial Insurance?

Ohio state law does not require companies to carry commercial insurance, but it is a decision many business owners decide to make. This is because it can provide indemnity against a variety of situations, keeping firms from losing money when unforeseen circumstances occur. Errors and Omissions insurance can sometimes be a part of your commercial insurance, depending on the type of service or product you are offering. 

What is Errors and Omissions Commercial Insurance?

E & O insurance is there to protect Twinsburg, OH residents in instances where mistakes are made. This can include oversights by staff, management, or business owners, and it can cover things like the advice given that leads to problems for your clients. It can also protect you from incurring costs related to typos that may lead to an incorrect sequence of events, for example, if a wrong shipping date was keyed in somewhere. 

E & O insurance, in many instances, is a requisite for certain contracts, meaning that clients may choose to only do business with those who have this coverage. This can especially be true when negotiating large jobs that involve large sums of money. For a claim to be covered, you must have both had the coverage at the time of the incident and when the claim was filed. Certain professions may be required to carry E & O insurance, and your insurance agent can go into more detail about this with you. 

Quest Financial and Insurance Services is Here to Help

Contact us at Quest Financial and Insurance Services, and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have about errors and omissions commercial insurance. We serve customers living in and around the Columbus and Twinsburg, OH region, and we look forward to doing business with you. 

How the Rising Injury Claims Affects Renters Insurance

Coming home to find your precious belongings stolen or damaged in a disaster is perhaps the worst nightmare any renter can experience. While your landlord can cater for repairs on the physical structure of the building, your personal belongings are your sole responsibility. Fortunately, Quest Financial and Insurance Services offers affordable renters insurance policies for Colombus and Twinsburg, OH residents to help you cover these unforeseen losses.
Rising Claim Rates for Renters Insurance
According to statistics from ISO, about 5.3 percent of insured homes made claims in 2014. Property damage, including vandalism and theft, amounted to 97.3 percent of these claims. This rising number of claims has pushed insurance companies to adjust their renters’ insurance rates over the last three years. However, your location still plays a significant role in the amount of premium you’ll pay on your renter’s insurance. High-crime areas pose a greater risk, hence higher premiums. Areas prone to natural disasters like windstorms may also attract higher premiums.
Does Making a Claim Affect my Rates?
When you file a homeowner’s insurance claim, your insurance provider is likely to increase your premiums. That’s why many renters often avoid making insurance claims for minor losses for fear of paying more on their renter’s insurance premiums, which is a big misconception. The Claims Loss Underwriting Exchange is a national database that helps insurance companies to check the insurance eligibility for new applicants and determine their rates. However, renters’ insurance providers don’t often report to CLUE. The body only tracks claims made from auto and homeowners policies. That means that as a renter, you shouldn’t worry about making any insurance claims since your records will not be reported to CLUE, meaning that your claim history will not affect your premium rates.
Are you looking for a reliable renter’s insurance policy in Colombus or Twinsburg, OH, or the surrounding areas? Look no further than Quest Financial and Insurance Services. Our experienced agents are always on standby to answer any queries you may have concerning renters insurance. Give us a call today or visit our Twinsburg, OH offices.

If Your Motorhome is Being Stored, Can You Drop Motorhome Insurance?

At Quest Financial And Insurance Services, serving the Columbus and Twinsburg, OH area, we are often asked a variety of insurance-related questions. We do our best to answer all of these questions for our clients so they are informed about insurance products and services. One of the questions that we are frequently asked about motorhome insurance is whether the insurance can be dropped or paused when the motorhome is not in use, such as when it is being stored.

Can I pause my motorhome insurance?

You cannot and should not drop your motorhome insurance policy or allow it to lapse simply because you are not currently driving or using the motorhome. Your motorhome insurance policy does far more than cover your motorhome when it is being driven on the road. 

Insurance helps to cover your motorhome against theft, vandalism, and other forms of damage that can occur even when your motorhome is parked or is being stored. If you drop your policy and your motorhome is stolen, or a vandal breaks out the window, you will be left uncovered and have to pay the damages out of pocket. 

Additionally, if you have a loan out on the motorhome, you are required to carry full coverage at all times. If you drop your insurance, the lender can repossess the motorhome. As such, it is essential to always have insurance on it. 

Having the right motorhome insurance is essential. If you are looking for a professional to review your policy to ensure your coverage levels are correct or if you are looking for a new policy in the greater Columbus or Twinsburg, OH area, Quest Financial and Insurance Services is ready to assist you. Call us now to schedule an appointment to sit down with one of our agents and discuss your insurance needs.