Don’t Neglect These Commercial Insurance Extras

You own a business in Twinsburg, OH and already have a high-quality commercial insurance policy. However, we at Quest Financial and Insurance Services provide many extra coverage options that may be beneficial for business owners in your area.

Business Income Policies

Your business generates a certain level of income every day that you need to stay solvent. But when you are forced to close down due to serious damage to your building, you’ll lose that cash flow. Thankfully, business income insurance coverage will protect you by providing payments that keep you financially solvent while you repair your business and get it reopened.

Employee Dishonesty Riders

Not everybody is honest all of the time, which can be a major problem for your business. If your employees are dishonest, you could end up being sued because you are liable for their actions. Thankfully, employee dishonesty coverage protects you from lawsuits.

Non-Owned Auto Coverage

Your business auto insurance will cover any vehicles that you own. But what about vehicles that your employees own? Cover the damage they cause during business hours with non-owned auto coverage. Remember, though, that this policy will protect you from liability and lawsuits but won’t repair an individual’s car: that’s on the driver’s personal auto insurance.

Used Merchandise Protection

If you deal with any type of used merchandise, you need to buy specialized extra insurance policies to protect it. For example, pawn shops or record shops that sell used CDs and DVDs should buy this type of policy to protect themselves from lost income.

Expand Your Policy With These Rider Options

If you are interested in adding these riders to your Twinsburg, OH business insurance policy, please contact us at Quest Financial and Insurance Services. Our professionals will work hard to identify the best policies for your needs.