Tips for Pre-Winter Motorcycle Riding

Autumn in Columbus, OH is a time when the warm climate has changed, the days grow shorter, and the colors of the season are everywhere. It’s a pleasant time for motorcycle riding before getting your bike ready for winter hibernation. Although, the weather as of late seems as though winter is already upon us.

Here are some important tips to keep you safe while you enjoy those last few rides before winter.

  • Watch for piles of leaves on the ground because to a motorcycle rider, they can be dangerous. Piles of fallen leaves can cover potholes or potential hazards on the road. Leaves with moisture from rain or dew can create an unexpected slick surface. Leaves on the road are best to be avoided.
  • Before winter is in full effect, it is a time when deer are more active around roadways as they migrate searching for food and avoiding hunters. Be sure to wear protective gear and stay alert to deer traveling, especially at dawn and dusk when their movement peaks.
  • If you’re traveling, make sure to have extra layers of clothing and rain gear because the weather is unpredictable. You do not want to be stuck with an unexpected mechanical problem or in unanticipated wet weather and be underdressed.
  • Chilly fall nights bring morning frost. Use caution when traveling in the early mornings because that thin layer of frost can cause you to lose traction.
  • It is the perfect time to wear your leathers. Not only do they protect you from wind, but they also allow you to enjoy the crisp, cool air in comfort. No one enjoys a cold ride.

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