How likely is a flood in Ohio?

Being towards the Northeastern corner of the country, Twinsburg, OH might not be in as much danger as New Orleans, Florida, or certain parts of Texas when it comes to flooding. This isn’t hurricane country, and when a tropical storm hits Ohio, it’s usually been softened on its way North.

How Likely Is Flooding In Ohio?

One of the dangers of flooding in Ohio is that we don’t expect to see it happen all that often, but it does happen. This means that people don’t always know to prepare for the possibility of flooding. They go uninsured and wind up without anything to fall back on when it hits. For the record, we’ve seen extensive flooding in both 2017 and 2016. Most people do not realize that a home insurance policy does not typically cover flooding either.

How Dangerous Are Ohio Floods?

In 2016, Ohio reported zero flood-related fatalities. Unfortunately, the state did see extensive damage to homes and automobiles. By the time a flood hits a town like Twinsburg, OH, it’s usually long after the residents have had fair warning, and the waters are not always severe enough to create a serious risk to life and personal safety as long as you take some precautions. You can’t evacuate your house to the next county over, so it’s a good idea to hold a reliable flood insurance policy with Quest Financial and Insurance Services.

You might never see a flood anywhere near your home in Ohio, but the state is hardly flood-proof. If you’re not covered, give Quest Financial and Insurance Services a call and see about getting insured against flood damages. Insurance isn’t about what hasn’t happened; it’s about what could happen.